Thursday, April 24, 2008

Julie Lemmon is super cool

See these virtual flowers?

They are for Miss Julie Lemmon.

Jules. Can you smell them?

Cause she did me a big favor and sewed up a pocket skirt for my music primary job (unpaid) at church. And I love it. How do you say thank you when someone does something just so nice. And when they have more talent in a pinky than...well as much as I love my family, if I could be adopted into a family it would be them. And I would gobble up all the wheatgerm blueberry muffins, Pioneer syrup (straight) and be an expert canner.

Thank you so much. It will get great use.

Don't you want to see it?

Meet my model. Darby girl.

Its hard to model and take a picture of yourself, and she is much cuter anyway. So if you aren't following me yet, the skirt has a million uses. But mostly its a game and way to teach the kids in a fun way. And when you need to do something besides Name that Tune.

So if I where teaching a song about F-A-I-T-H, I could hide the letters in the pockets and then the kids take turns putting their hands in the pockets.

Or I could hide popcorn if we are singing the popcorn song. Or a picture of the prophet for the prophet song. Or a sun for Jesus wants me for sunbeam.

Get it? See why its so neat? And why my 1st grade sewing level would be so intimidated to make it? No joke I've thought about it for years. Even when I didn't have this calling, because you could use it for sharing time or family home evening. I saw one in my old ward and always wanted one. By the way, you just wear it over your church clothes, not like for the whole 3 hours. Plus that would give away all the drama. You just put it on right before you need it.

But this skirt is cuter.

So I wanted it really eclectic. I love the ribbon on the pockets.

And if you look close, there are pockets on some of the pockets.

Nice touch pretty Julie lady.

Here's even better. Now aren't I lucky? I ask her daughter for ideas how to do it, and instead I get a completed one in the mail. How cool is that.


Porter & Sara said...

how do you get pictures to be added right in the middle of your blog entry? anytime i try to add goes to the sidebar. HELP oh blog master. =)

Beth said...

That's awesome. I bet you are so great at that calling.

christy said...

courtney could whip one of those up for you too if she were not so busy with her babies.:)

Heather said...

That's a cute idea. I'm sure you'll put it to great use.

Amy Y said...

Cute skirt! I vaugely remember you wearing a dress you made to school when we were seniors. Is this a real memory or one of my many "false" memories?

Porter & Sara said... me with the pictures. i can post them in the blog...but my text appears below them. some people like several pictures separated by text. how?
thanks on the manicure compliment. however, porter always asks me why i can't wear pink like "normal" girls. lol.

Nash said...

What an awesome idea. You must be great at that calling. I had it as an 18 year old and I was horrible. I felt so dorky trying to be fun for the kids. i'm afraid I failed. If only I'd had a skirt like that....and a few years of experience and wisdom.

I love the idea for FHE. I don't know how to be goofy with my kids. I need pointers. I think I am too uptight. TMI?

cori said...

oh i love this. this is so fun! the kids will love it! i want one just because i am a mom!