Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Taco Bell Night

Tonite was a Taco Bell night. Jason's idea. No cooking. Messy House...
You know the drill.

Luke had a kindergarten-transition meeting for the parents tonite and a few minutes before we left, B bonked her head and had a goose egg in between her eyebrows. I put a frozen burrito on her head, which she hated, so by the end we were both crying. Cute Luke got out the peanut butter and honey and made PB tortilla rollups for himself and Darby for dinner. (This is a genius dinner menu choice when you have run out of bread) And strangely enough, Jason even came home early from work...which means I must have sounded frantic on the phone, cause he never comes home early.

But good news is I talked to my cute sister in law today and she said told me a cute idea about fitness and food. After confessing I had three skor bars in one day she said if you are nice to your body, your body will reward you. So here's to being nice to my body tomorrow and squeezing in a salad amongst the skor bars. Cheers.


Lindsey said...

So sad for Baylie! This age is so bad for bumps. Thanks for the tip on eating. I totally have been eating to much junk.

Anonymous said...

So glad you survived the night. So sorry about Baylie. Cute Luke fixing tortillas. Hang in there! I think you are a terrific mother if that counts.