Wednesday, February 27, 2008

The Toot Obsession

Inappropriate amounts of potty talk

Have you heard of this book? Well my parents sent it to my kids. And of course they love it. Their dad does not. I gave the approval to send it. I saw it at the store years ago and was going to send it to my brother who goes by Walter to his friends. BUT

We prefer the word 'toot' at our house. And 'bum' to 'butt' Jason tried to sneak the word toot in for fart while reading, but Luke said: Dad it says fart, not toot! But Luke thinks this book ishilarious. If you are almost 5 and almost 3 and almost 1 (okay so she really doesn't care at the moment) then this is your new favorite book . Fortunately it has a story, with kind of a good moral, where the dog's poison-like farts paralyze (not really) the burglars and save the family.

It is definitely the age. And a boy? Luke is trying to push it as much as he can. Toot, Bum, Poop, thats all I hear...okay, so there are so non toot moments, but it doesn't seem like much. He told me last week he didn't get his sticker in class because he sang A, B, C Poop...not good.

Every Monday for family home evening sing songs (church ones and silly ones), say a prayer, have a quick lesson (ranging from really last minute to more put together) , and then play DUCK DUCK GOOSE. Or as our family plays it...Duck duck toot. or duck duck bum . Luke started the use of inappropriate words for duck duck goose and let me tell you as the cannot laugh! or it is over and they will do it everytime. Now each week we try and think of new ways to do it...aren't we so wild and crazy? Here is how duck duck goose preferences went at our house this past Monday. (before D was born, we just put a bunch of stuff animals in a circle with us so there were more things to 'duck).

Jason: Chicken, chicken, rooster

Brooke : Quack, Quack, honk

Darby: Duck head, Duck foot, Duck bum, duck elbow...goose

Luke: waulky quackity, woobley head bum, duck bum....goose
(Luke's is a bit off the cuff each time but you get the point)

B has been sticking to a bed time at 7:15 p.m. so she misses all the fun. Don't worry, her time for duck duck bum goose will come soon.

Our second favorite FHE game is Simon Says.


cori said...

love it. we have a similar post today.

your mom is so cool to send that book. brandon calls em toots too!

Heather said...

Cute Book! That's funny that Luke corrected Jason. Love the Duck, Duck, Goose variations.

Amber said...

I hate to tell you this, but Luke probably won't grow out of that obsession for some time. My 7th grade boys still act that way:)

christy said...

my kids are always laughing and trying to get away with potty mouth like this. It doesn't help when the teacher at school calls it fart and reads them the book "Farley Farts" yesterday for the letter F in kindergarten.
When Lidia and Aiden were little they would say "my bottom burped" Tristan says "I excused gas".