Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Two little babies swinging beside each other. Baylie and Emma Jane.
We visited my sister in Montgomery. She just redid her pad and it is awesome. The biggest backyard, holy cow. And her place cost less than $100,000. when can I move?

Lindsey calls this Alabama snow. Sorry its a bit blurry, and taking through a moving car window on the way to the small airport. Those are cotton fields if you haven't seen them.

Twisted toddler play. Hmmm. This is the mock conversation.
Darby: Hey, Dallas, how about we go put on our new princesses dresses.
Dallas: Yes!
Darby: Hey, Dallas, lets go play in Daisy the dog's cage.
Dallas: Yes, lets lock ourselves in there and stay there for 10 minutes.
Darby: What fun, lets!

Luke had been practicing for weeks to play his uncle brandon in Battleship. Luke keeps saying he just barely beat him. By the way Brandon, Luke has worn his monster shirt, have you worn yours?

Did I mention that my husband thinks he is so funny. So when he finds out this is the last time my family will ever be together for the month of December (unless brandon happens to get married in dec) and we will take family pictures for the first time since luke was a baby, he decides to play a trick on my mom. And grow this attractive facial hair. And not tell her til we see her at the airport. And just shave it like an hour before pictures. So funny he is that guy. I bought the shirt to go with it...cause if you can't beat em...


Amber said...

Is Brandon looking to get married soon? Why won't ya'll be together?

Crazy Lady said...

no christmas is just too crazy, we'll be all doing it at our own houses from now on. we'll stick to summer visits.

Heather said...

I was browsing your blog links and noticed that Rachel R has in-laws from Wilsonville, OR which is where Laurel Avery now lives. Get this. She knows them. They live near her, and she had Thanksgiving with them at another couple's home last year. It's a small world.

Crazy Lady said...

that is so funny heather. its especially a small mormon world.

Lindsey said...

i wish I would have taken pictures of the cotton. Baylie and Emma Jane look like they are lovin the swings.

cori said...

i don't know what to say. he looks kinda creepy. we laughed out loud at him. brandon once shaved a hitler style stash. he jumped out of the closet and scared me with it. so fun!