Thursday, January 24, 2008


This is a story of a chocolate cake.

Made not from a box. Can you believe it?
From an old recipe I got in highschool which was quite vague. the recipe is vague. Because I love southern cakes...the more layers the better. Red Velvet. Carmel frosting. And I needed some chocolate. This cake was made with Darby's help, while Baylie was napping and Luke was at school. We made quite a mess and I was 1 tablespoon short than needed amount, but it was still chocolatey. Close enough.

So if you saw me yesterday, you got some cake.

At least a two inch piece. And of course one for me. Cause I tried out my first vegan recipe that was suggested by a friend...which I hunted around town for all the ingredients and went to three stores, only for it to be a miss...not so good. But my 'soup' had no fat and tons of vegetables.
So I ate more cake.
Ying yang kinda thing. For balance of course.

So, maybe I ate too much cake. Maybe cause its been raining all week. And because it reminded me of bama. But all in all, cake cake cake. lots of cake. Wow, how did it go so fast?

Today I met Lindsey 'over the hill' by the temple cause thats about halfway for us. And we ate in this little mexican place with yummy guacamole and chips. And fed the kids. And chatted with the only other person in the place . So after about thirty minutes of observing us and asking questions, his friend walks in. We still do some chatting, afterall now he knows Darby's name, the kids ages. We are about to leave and here is the convo:

Man: Are you expecting again?

Me: Oh no (polite smile)

(inside self:oh great, my shirt is too tight and I haven't be sucking in)

Girl with man: No I told you, she's just full figured.

We left.
Obviously the cake has caught up to me. Lovely.
I should add that the guy and his pal were homeless, but nonetheless!
Don't defend me Lindsey! I don't want to hear it! (she told me this happens to everyone, and I'm sure it does and have heard stories, just kinda funny when its finally you)


Anonymous said...

Your cake is beautiful! I am laughing and crying all at the same time. I would have dropped kicked him in the teeth and added that if you were expecting you would be throwing up water not eating chips and guacamole. Okay maybe that is stretching the truth for most people, but that is definately what I would have yelled at him. Either that...or I would have bought myself a new outfit just to make myself feel better. Are you for real about the homeless? If you are you shouldn't think twice about that comment...and if he wasn't homeless he was probably psycho.

English Garden said...

Fab cake, funny post. There is no way you look pregnant, it was a guy that said that right? guys just make stupid comments, and homeless? what a combo!!

cori said...

that looks so good brooke. i love that you took pics of it eaten. classic. and don't ever talk ot listen to strangers.

embot said...

Shut UP! they actually said that? that is one for the books.

Lindsey said...

That cake looks divine and gorgeous! Too bad I couldn't get to your house to get a piece.

Anonymous said...

I want some of your WONDERFUL looking cake. Impressive. Maybe I need to go and bake a cake too - but not as fancy, box kind are fine. Stupid man comment showed why he is homeless...

Anonymous said...

You DEFINITELY don't look pregnant. Man is crazy, no doubt.

Courtney said...

I am so jealous. I would love to come meet you guys at a Mexican restaurant. I just need to buy a ticket first! Miss you tons!

christy said...

this is why you should never ask unless it is way obvious like 9 months pregnant. you do not look pregnant. maybe he just thought the ones you have are so cute and you're such a good mom that you should have more.

Amber said...

That cake looks delicious! Don't worry, Sister Nowell asked Mel and Heather if I was pregnant so I feel your pain.

Heather said...

Yummy looking cake. I've never attempted a multilayered cake. Plus, I only have two cake pans. What use to be Roney's IGA on S Oates St sells homemade chocolate cakes like that. My grandmother usually gets one on holidays.

Amberli said...

mmm, the cake looks delicious. and someone please inform the homeless man that in no land of this great earth is it ok to inquire whether or not someone is expecting! hello, we should be teaching that bit of ettiquette in grammer school people! for the record - i think you're beautiful!!! let them eat cake!

Darek and Amberli said...

D: Mmmm...can you make a cake like that in AZ in a few weeks? Love la torta.