Monday, January 21, 2008

Happy Now

I love my little Darby. So we went to the zoo on Saturday cause J never gets to go. And we wanted to do something fun as a family like that. The gorillas were great and were fighting a little bit.

Random fact:
That big silver-back gorilla weighs 466 lbs which is double Jason so don't mess with a gorilla.

They agreed to pose for me. At a potty stop.

Sisterly love. Future fighting over clothes. Baylie Mae is dying to walk. Or run. And she's been crashing into the floor trying. Jason thinks it will be close. The McCoy walking school is very good, so let me know if you want to drop yours off for a free session.

Cousins. Dont' you love a teeter totter? This is at Shane's Inspiration at Griffith Park.

I was quite impressed with Miss Dallas, because she stood up on the tire swing. Cause we all know my kids are crazy and will do anything and have no fear...yadda yadda, but Miss D was great. We are rubbing off on her...scary.

Darby loved this thing. For 10 minutes she was on it with some random 7 year old girls who were having a field trip there. They said she didn't say a word, but everytime I asked her, she didn't want to get off.


Amber said...

Darby has such taste in clothing:) Adorable.

Heather said...

Looks like great fun!

Anonymous said...

So fun. I miss Shane's Inspiration.

cori said...

i need to look into a zoo here. all we have seen is some desert turtles. boo.

Beth said...

Okay - I have a bad LA zoo gorilla story, but I'll share it another time. Let's just say I'm scarred when it comes to that exhibit. Although it is a really cool one!

Lindsey said...

I love that pict of Baylie and Darby. Baylie looks like she is in heaven with her big sis. So sweet!