Monday, December 3, 2007

What your kid likes to eat if he lives in LA

This is the conversation we had in the car coming home from the park at 5 p.m. By the way if you live by me, the park at Balboa and Burbank just was redone and it is awesome (not the duck park).

Me/Mom: "What should we have for dinner guys?"

Luke: "I want Indian Food."

Me: "Luke, how about we make pizza instead, we have had indian food alot."

Luke: "No, I want Indian Food."

Me: "What about Tortilla Pizzas or Tuna Helper or Tuna on Toast?"

(I knew I had at least a can of tuna)

Darby: "Pizza"

Luke: "I don't want pizza...whine whine...I want Indian Food."

Me: "Oh Luke, I really don't want Indian Food, how about we make both"

Guess what I ended up making? Indian food. And I even ate some even though I really didn't want to. But thanks to Trader Joes it was out of bottle and super easy and poor kid, it wasn't like he was asking for cookies. And he ate 4 helpings of canned creamed corn. Cause thats how we roll, Indian food and can creamed corn. and the rice was white, but after I made it looked it a bit 'wild' since I burned the bottom cause I lose track of time quickly.

I should add that I didn't have pizza sauce and was going to have to make it and haven't done that before but figured i could figure it out with a cookbook, right? but maybe not for tonite. We had quesadillas for lunch.

I didn't have Indian food til I was 25. And my 4 1/2 year old eat its like its macaroni. What a strange town we live in. I love it.


Lindsey said...

That is pretty awesome. I seriously need to go to Trader Joes.

cori said...

does luke know he is part cherokee?

cori said...

or are you talking the other kind of indian food? like i think you speak of middle eastern? well he does like the corn part...

Heather said...

That's great that he likes different things. Kids around here wouldn't know what Indian food is. We're not very ethnically diverse in our food choices. Of course we have Chinese, and we recently go a Thai place. I'm a pretty picky eater, so I'll just stick to good old American food.

embot said...

tell me that is an actual pic of your food! it looks good. (if it isn't, don't tell me. just take the credit)

I think we may need to have some indian food TONIGHT~

English Garden said...

Can't wait to try the new park at Balboa we should make a regular play date. Craving the Indian food!!

Anonymous said...

I have never had Indian food...that is probably because I am only 19 and holding:-)

Nash said...

You make tuna on toast? We had that when I was growing up, but I have never made it for my kids. I think that's great that he is already experiencing all those diverse foods. My husband and his family have introduced me to many foods I never had before I got married, such as seafood, "real" asian food, and many others, and now I LOVE it.

The Haney Family said...

I love that you try new recipes all the time for family dinners. Speaking of trying a new recipe... I finally made your zucchini bread which is my favorite recipe ever but boy was I freaked out before I added the zucchini because it was more of a cookie dough consistency than "quick bread". Good thing the zucchini makes it more like batter! Yummy.