Thursday, November 8, 2007

Hoorah, the Gorillas are back

This may not seem like a big deal, but this has been under construction for 4 years at least! And its in the middle of the zoo and I'm sick of walking around it and looking at the ugly fence. I think a zoo membership is definitely the best bang for your buck here in LA.

Did they plant this? Is there food all on this spot so they would stay here? Because it was so cute. the baby was doing somersaults and moving all around his mama.

Why are baby animals so cute? I almost could take this little gorilla home with me. But wait, I already have three monkeys. (laugh will ya!)

And here are my monkeys, plus my neices. Check out Brenna is getting so big she can stand.
I missed taking a little picture of Braden, so shout out to him and Marlene.

I love that Baylie can do stuff like this now. Its so cute when she is riding in the grocery cart now. And getting germs from it... hahah. I'm so not that mom who would bring a cover for the grocery cart. Those covers are for moms with one kid. Tell me if you use one.

Darby being Darby. I made them watch the CMAs with me today and Darby kept saying the girls were princesses. Luke told me I was lazy, and I was like, What? And he said cause I was watching so much tv. Awesome. In my defense...its nice to be able to have something on that isn't dirty or have bad things in it. Also why I usually like country music too, cause I can't always listen to kids music. Although it has its fair share of garbage songs genre is safe...maybe classical, but that puts me to sleep.

Luke has a reading log now at school. It has to be turned in weekly. Also known as, can your mom get it together to fill out your form all the time. Fortunately he likes helping fill out that form.

Luke monkeyed up on top of the car as soon as we parked. He loved it. So of course I'm probably encouraging it by taking a picture! Ha!


Nash said...

Good to know others get the worm too. Only one kid has it, but we all took the meds to keep us safe.
How do you like that radio flyer? We are thinking of getting one for christmas.
Apparently at sephora you get lots of free product cause they want you to try it all. I need to just go back to a salon and do hair, but I LOVE makeup.

Heather said...

Cute pictures of the gorillas and the kids. I am a country music fan too. Alison Krauss is my altime favorite. I started listening to country music back in high school because the rock and roll stations play too wide of a variety of music. They play pop stuff one minute and heavy metal the next. With country music, I hardly ever have to change the station.

Nash said...

I agree on the cart covers.
wait! maybe that's why my kid has worms.

Lindsey said...

That was awesome seeing Luke on the van. He was up there in like 2 seconds. Fun day at the zoo. I love the gorillas. Baylie looks soo old in that pict!

cori said...

i thought of you when i saw sugarland get their award.

Amber said...

I'm definitely not a grocery cart cover mom either. We love going to the zoo too and I stayed up late to watch the CMA's.

English Garden said...

I never used the cover, bought one and gave it away, too much of a hassel and most of the time forgot it, like the 1000 TJ's bags I keep with the intention of taking them with me the next time I go to get a raffel ticket but always forget. And did I miss something about "the worm"?

Anonymous said...

The gorillas live. I can't believe it. We are headed to the zoo ASAP. Are you coming with us? Ask Jason if the zoo is still 100 degrees this time of year:-)

Baby Got Back said...

Claire, Check out Nash blog re: worms. Whats this about TJs raffle tickets? That is new to me.

Misty, are you kidding? If not, call me!

Heather, I love alison Krauss too.

Cori, I was so glad sugarland won.

lolo, lets go again.

Amber! I'm so happy you watched the VMAs

G. Sterling said...

why's jason in one of the exhibits? oh wait, those are the gorillas. haha, waste!