Monday, October 8, 2007

Dinner Disaster 183 - Always Always Use a Recipe

So I'm making beef stroganoff
kid and husband veggies in main dish.
Definitely a crowd pleaser.
I don't bother looking for the recipe.
I bet I can figure it out after this long.

So I brown the beef, add the onion soup packet and the sour cream.
I taste it. Wierd, it tastes like chip dip. Hmmm.
Oh wait, I better add a cream of mushroom soup. Another handy staple.
Nope, still chip dip. Strong chip dip.
I better add another can of soup.
I had to go get one out of the garage.
Walking back I remember.
Oh wait, its 1 cup water and 3 TB sour cream...
NOT the carton of sour cream. there goes my sour cream.
I still added the other can of soup. Just in case.

The kids did it eat so it can't be that bad. I did not.
I ate just the cauliflower side dish...
and 4 tootsie rolls and some pumpkin cake
with cream cheese frosting from Jackie.
To eat away my woes. Ahhh, the life of an emotional eater.
But I'm going running tonite...won't that balance it?
One day I'll get it right. Ina would not be happy.
But I've decided Ina works in a controlled environment.
In her quiet fancy kitchen. I do not.
I'd like to see Ina make it with my monkeys running around.

Jason is due home in 30 minutes or so.
I warned him of the strength of my stroganoff,
he said, "Well you'll never forget it again." Nope.

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English Garden said...

Did you run? by yourself or with others? I need to get off my butt, but maybe for some spiritual exercise, I think I'm going to the Temple tomorrow night.