Thursday, September 13, 2007

Happy 30th Birthday Claire!

To my great friend, Claire, happy 30th birthday today!

Let me tell you a little about my friend. She is from Manchester, England. She converted to the church in her teens and later moved to the states. (And my sister in law is going to baptize her brothers and dad!) Her mom and older sister are already in heaven. She is an awesome mom to stinking cute girls. Her oldest has a rare skin disorder and Claire has taught her to love her body and be confident. Her husband is really great too. She did a triathlon with me and we huffed and puffed all the way. Claire is very selfless and often flies under the radar. Most importantly, she is smoking hot. She also likes romantic comedies, Jamie Oliver, Indian Food, swimming, traveling, and her family. Thanks for all the parties at your house. Some people deserve lots of extra attention, and those are usually the ones who are too busy doing so much for other people. I don't think we have ever done anything special for your birthday and I have known you for a while now. Sorry to embarrass you. But I'm kinda obnoxious....

Click right HERE to wish Claire a happy birthday too!

And happy birthday to my awesome dad too! Sorry your present got lost in the mail.

And sorry for all the other birthdays of friends and family that I miss and don't post about. This is out of the ordinary. Please forgive me for being slightly airheaded.


English Garden said...

So I am totally and oficially embarassed but how lucky am I to have such an awesome friend, one who I can always count on for the best example and advice, one who slows down at the end of the tri-athalon to finish with me and one who arranges for a girls night to go and eat yummy, delicious Indian food with. Thanks Brooke, your awesome!!

anniemcq said...

Claire is an amazing mom, and I wish we had lived across the street from each other longer! This is a wonderful post for your friend, Brooke!