Thursday, August 2, 2007

Prego Cravings

Here is a TAG for you, that Claire tagged me and especially requested this awesome story. Good thing I have friends who remember all my stories cause my memory is poopy. The tag is pregnancy cravings...I know G you are dying to share!

Okay, so I don't really believe in pregnancy cravings. and i have never sent out jason late at night to fufill my crazy craving. he would say no anyway. but this one time when darby was in womb at 10 p.m. I wanted a slurpee. just a little one. like 8 oz. and we had two 7 elevens within half mile. so i ask jason and he says sure...and i was shocked and we were chuckling about it. anyway, he comes back and hands me the smallest slurpee in history and says, "Here is your $365 slurpee" (the exact amount is under debate cause our memories are fuzzy) and I was like what? And turns out the one he went to was loading new stock so this long truck was taking all the spots, so where does he park? HANDICAPP . Hence the extremely expensive slurpee. I was like, "Why didn't you tell the cop you were getting it for your pregnant wife?" and he said the cop treated him like he was scum of the earth for parking there. pretty funny. I"m always relieved when Jason is the one doing awesome stuff like that, cause usually I have the monopoly on awesome stories (falling out of a bunk bed in college anyone? or wait, maybe the time I took all of us to the wrong airport the day before Courtney's wedding). So I was totally amused by it all. The icing of the story is that he was going try and fight it and forgot and then had to pay even higher late fees (like $50)...cause thats how we roll.

Right now I'm totally craving a big fat Diet Coke with ice. yum yum.


Lindsey said...

That is a pretty good story!! ha ha. I forgot about that!! I think a crystal light slurpee sounds so good right now!

Anonymous said...

Oh, i remember that one too. SO FUNNY. I love that you had to pay late fees. that's just how crappy stuff like that goes.

No, it's not anonymous. It's Emily. Can't handle the new google/blogger log in so i'm boycotting.

Anonymous said...

You do have funny stories...if you think about it, Jason isn't the only one who got a fat fine for doing something for you. Remember your date in college...the one who got towed away for bringing you home. Yahh, no reason to give me a big shout out for digging in the snow to find a replacement car to tow:-) I am with Emily...I am not anonymous, I am Misty.

Anonymous said...

Also, in case you are wondering you can let Claire know I have mad cravings in the night for food while I am pregnant. I crave formula from a can...preferablly the kind that is accessible through your nose only. Mmmm good! Almost makes me want to have another baby just for memory sake:-) (Mist)