Friday, July 27, 2007

Blog is my therapy

Darby is loving holding Baylie. Darby has also eaten 5 hotdogs in the last 15 of 9:16 a.m.

"I am not cute!"
Luke tells me this a couple of times daily, when I tell him he is cute. He prefers handsome.

Darby's new do is all the rage.

We have major cleanup needing to do. Where do I begin?

Thanks Grandpa for the new radioes (they are about 2 inches tall). I especially love when they are both on full blast on different stations and one of them is Spanish.

Favorite Luke saying yesterday "Its okay mom, I like Rachael Ray too."


Nash said...

I am Pam's sister in law, she showed me your blog and so I like to check it out once in awhile to get a good laugh. Your blog is too funny, you should have a reality show. I thought I'd comment since now I feel as though I sort of know you and I like it when people comment instead of just reading and leaving.
I live in AZ, mesa area. Where were you visiting? Keep the posts coming. We especially loved your banana bread post.ROFL

Nash said...

I promise I'm not stalking you but you have great music and I just remembered you have Crimson and Clover just like I do. Seriously, Who knows that song??? I also have Everything and a few others the same.
Great minds!!!

G. Sterling said...

i hope those radios are for darby and baylie. would it be too much to ask for luke to get a blue radio or something?

the mccoy's said...

they must buy those radios in bulk. we have one too. i think they work good for being 2 inches tall.

darby's hair is so cute. and luke is so cute. and well bailey is too.

glad you blog. it's my therapy too.

Beth said...

Ha! That's funny about Luke. I think that Tyler knows who Rachael Ray is, too. He thinks she's part of the family and always shows up around 6 o'clock.

Courtney said...

I love Darby's haircut! It is so cute!!! It really is adorable. I think I am going to copy it. :)