Monday, June 4, 2007

Today was Fun

Today was fun, Lindsey and her young'uns came over in the morning and the Chamberlain's later in the day. I have decided Sophie, age 10, is the baby whisperer, Baylie loves her. Pictured above is Brenna (born Jan 07) and Baylie (born April 07). Pretend Baylie has a bow in her hair...a big purple one please.

ps. Jason took all the Twix to work since I had 4 over the weekend. how rude.


Amber said...

What baby doesn't love Sophie? I agree. She IS the baby whisperer. She'll be one great mom.

G. Sterling said...

you better tell jason to bring them twix back on home this weekend. thats 90% of the reason i'm coming!

Adam said...

Baylie is getting so dang cute!

Amberli said...

I can't believe how much hair Baylie has! So cute!