Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Sometimes I am Mrs. Biddlebox

"On a knotty little hill,

In a dreary little funk,

Mrs. Biddlebox rolled over

On the wrong side of her bunk

The birds gave her a headache.
There were creakies in her chair.
A breeze blew dank and dreary
And mussied up her hair.

So she slammed the door on morning!
And sat thinking what to do.
Her tea was dark and bitter,
Her crumpets hard to chew.

With her belly full of grumblies
And her hands upon her hips,
An idea burst inside her
And whizzled from her lips!

I will cook this rotten morning!
I will turn it into cake!
I will fire up my oven!
I will set the day to bake!

I love this book. Of course she eats the whole cake, Mrs. Biddlebox is my kinda girl. It was written by a woman who had cancer. I've never had cancer, but sometimes I definitely feel like this...maybe today :) I need a nap


the mccoy's said...

totally cute book. love it. its perfect. amen sista!

Amber in AL said...

Me too!

Amber said...

Aren't we all from time to time.

Amber said...

Oh, we went to Fuddruckers yesterday. It was yummy. I thought of you.

G. Sterling said...

ah that sucks your feeling a bit off brooke. i wish i was still there, then i could take the kids off your hands for awhile.

ps. i'll call your cousin tonight, i havent had time yet. i'll "woo her with me wit"