Monday, June 18, 2007

Picnic at the LA Temple

Welcome to the Los Angeles Temple. Also, central meeting location for me and Linds. Say hello to the Angel Moroni statue on the top. My kids love to point him out when they see him as we are driving up.

We had a picnic at the Los Angeles Temple today. Can you find Darby in the photo? It was a gorgeous day. I didn't get pictures of all the kids, because they were running around like crazy on the giant grass space.

Is this the coolest climbing tree? I love that they have steps to walk to so you can climb it. Here is Luke and Kate. This tree is right by the visitor's center.

Check out Baylie. Enjoying the stroller. She had a great time as well. Only a few mishaps of the day. Jason is finally home from work, kids are finally all in bed and I'm pooped.


the mccoy's said...

i LOVE that tree. so fun! love to hear all about your family.

Beth said...

I didn't know you could have a picnic there. That's awesome. What a good idea, especially with little kids to give them some exposure to the temple.