Wednesday, June 6, 2007

My Family has Arrived

Luke took great care in creating this beauty. The animals in front are the guards. This is what we did to occupy us pre-Nana arrival. McCoys and Evans (at least some of them) are coming this weekend to Baylie's blessing. We haven't met Courtney's baby yet so that was the highlight.

Sometimes I wish that the angels who watch us from heaven could applaud, because this was an applause worthy moment. I had Baylie in the Bjorn (ie: awesome baby carrier that enables me to use my hands while still providing love and comfort to infant) and I picked up Darby and put her on my shoulders in one fluid motion. It was an awesome feat. Probably as good as holding one kid in each arm and kicking the door closed with my foot. Guns of steel :) And major multi-tasking required. I love my kids.

Love that expression? Darby dressed up her puppy like a princess and is sporting her new dance outfit her Nana brought her ($4 on sale at Target--What a deal!)

Smiling with puppy. Yes those are real undies she is wearing, we are back on the wagon :) or potty I should say

Is this pure family enjoyment or what? Nana, Grandpa and lindsey playing chase with the kids. My neighbors must think we are batty. They also think we are trying to repopulate the Earth with our little crew that was visiting today. All 6 cousins on the Evans side finally met one another today.

Darby picked some flowers in our yard. I love wildflowers when they aren't dandelions...


the mccoy's said...

so fun. have a great time this weekend with your family. love the pics of your kids. tell your mom and dad hello from the 7mccoys. love them.

English Garden said...

Love the in motion picture, I think candid ones are the best sometimes, Lindsey looks so pretty. Have a fab time with the fam.

English Garden said...

Oh, I also e-mailed my friend in England and told her that if a Sister McCoy was in the ward to have her over for dinner

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