Saturday, April 21, 2007

We'll Miss Daisy

So my mom is Paris Hilton and travels with her new puppy. She (my mom and her puppy) leave tonite and we will miss them both. But here is a dedication to Daisy, the very cute English Bulldog who has doubled in size since being here. She is 3 months old. My kids will miss the puppy and their Nana. Nana more than the puppy of course.


Anonymous said...

So did you know that your last 3 or 4 bolgs have begun with so? Just giving ya grief!! I love it, I may be inspired to start my own. Claire

Anonymous said...

Bolgs!! I should preview my comment first huh?

the mccoy's said...

we ALMOST want a rottweiler. so close. we even made a phone call. i don't think i am ready. but after seeing that cute puppy, it makes me want one even more.

i am so glad your mom was able to come and help you. that is so cool. i know i am not your mom. but i am 5 hours away. i could be there if you need me.