Saturday, April 28, 2007


So this is a historic summer...its not quite May but it felt like summer today. We don't live in an apartment anymore. It is still so weird. Its amazing how you appreciate something so much more when you haven't had it...why in the world does it have to work that way? Props to my friends who are still in apts, you are welcome to come over anytime, and may I come over to enjoy your central AC? That is what I miss? You can use my washer and dryer...that is an even trade and I will save my quarters for you. We made such good friends in our apartment dwellings. Colfax Gardents, we first moved there the day after we graduated and paid $600 for a studio that barely fit our stuff. We thought it was a million dollars and used all our savings living there and looking for jobs in Los Angeles. Enough with memory lane. Luke playing in the dirt in his backyard, an awesome first. And the pool is Lindseys that she brought over, which we enjoyed and still have...need to give back. By the way, the water was COLD.


English Garden said...

I'm so jealous that Luke and Darby get to hang out with their cousins, looks like it was fun, soooo cute!!

English Garden said...

Oh, and is your mum just loving this blog thing so she can catch a glimpse of you guys everday? I'm going to call my dad tomorrow to see if he's even checked mine out.

the mccoy's said...

fun fun. it is suppose to be a super long hot spring and summer for you crazy mccoys,and us vegas mccoys.