Monday, April 16, 2007

Baylie's First Time Out

Here is my dad and Jason with Baylie and her cousin Brenna who is 3 months old. See those fake smiles plastered on their face? So we went to The Grove this afternoon. One of the best outdoor malls. Ryan Seacrest did some Q & A there on the last American Idol with JLO if you saw that. The kids rode the free trolley, watched the cool water fountain set to music, and ate dinner. It was quite an adventure. Baylie was very mad at me by the time we left and I felt very guilty for pushing her out. She is only 12 days old. A common theme for most mothers :) is guilt. or at least me. But I went to Crate and Barrell with Lindsey and we live to shop. Next time we will make it to more than one store. Jason met us after work for dinner. He works pretty close to there in Hollywood.

Here is Nana (my mom) with Darby and Dallas with Luke in the background.


sydney said...

oh, 12 days is perfect. She's just getting acquainted with the way things work in the mccoy family. Not too different than the way it works in the chamberlain family.

the pics are so cute and i LOVE your blog.

the mccoy's said...

brooke. i love your blog. i love to see your kiddos. i feel so much closer to you already. don't you love blogger. its my new best friend.

i have to say, i think i have the most handsome mccoy boy. my brandon, sweet, sweet, brandon.
wink wink wink my sister!

the mccoy's said...

oh and i forgot. i am so jealous of you. crate and barrel is a favorite store of mine. right now they have a big glass water spicket for sale. i love it. i shop there online and can't justify the shipping costs. we don't have one in vegas. you will have to take me there sometime. i am making a list of all the places i want to go when i come.

-balboa beach. i'll explain later.
-crate and barrel
-wicked musical.
-i want to rent beach cruisers with brandon and never come back.

do you have room for 7 more?