Saturday, October 31, 2015


Shhhh I'm hoping the kids don't remember but we didn't go to the school freaky fright nite. Was just so packed and already had gone to the ward trunk or treat plus paisley and Ivys class parties couldn't do it one more time. Jason had a basketball game that nite and Luke had practice (where he won 3rd place in the dance off!!!!!???) and I just drove around other ways to get home so we wouldn't pass the school and remind them. But then about 8:30 pm Paisley remembers and starts crying once she realized we were missing it for real (I had already told her we were earlier in the week) but was consoled that she could still go to it in 1st grade, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th grades!!! 

Baylie ended up having a blessing for her finger that nite instead thanks to my dads great suggestion since it has consumed lots of worry for us this week and looked worse. Another's doctors visit and the blessing and we feel reassured it is healing even if it looks gruesome. 

The girls had no school Friday and all month we had been planning on going to Disneyland but almost didn't because it's been a stressful week and I've had a headache I couldn't shake. But we did and had such a great time despite the 2 hour drive there because of a bad accident on the freeway (it was a fatality 😔) so while we wished we weren't stuck we were grateful to be alive! 

Anyway but I figured out a way for Luke to come with us! He still had school and was very worried about missing it because jr high is no joke but I emailed all his teachers and just asked if there was anyway Luke could miss so we could take a family day and they were so kind and encouraging that a family day is more important especially since he is such a great student, it really warmed my heart! And so then as a last minute bonus he got to bring a friend! Who actually didn't have school since he is a grade younger. Anyway nice day even though this might be the busiest Halloween ever!!!! 

It's 6:35 am and we have 3 sports games and Luke's is in Camarillo (which is far for you Alabama folks like over an hour away) plus Jason's parents are flying in! Jason and I are dividing and conquering who goes where and hopefully will meet back up at 5 pm tonite where we will head home and try and get ready for Halloween!! Hopefully I have energy left by then and we have another W for coral crush ;) 

Here are some pictures from this weeks Halloween fun! 

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