Monday, September 22, 2008

Shout out to the Hudsons

Yesterday our friends came back in town to bless their baby after recently moving to Provo so Bob can begin his BYU career teaching French literature (smarty pants). Courtney, he said you totally overlapped in attendance of the French club, but he said it was pretty big. I am very sad about this because it is yet another one of our friends moving and I was looking forward to Maria being an unemployed homemaker playing with me since she recently retired from teaching...dude are you getting the scoop on them or what?

Mostly I'm including the picture because I always talk about her to my family. Maria is so cool and was a superb visiting teacher. I don't know why Darby is eating her stuffed rabbit in it though? The Kekauoha's went with us too--- one of our favorite families too..thank you for staying in our little Jewish/Persian mecca of Los Angeles.

But the cool thing was that we got to go to Maria's parents Spanish ward (church) and eat yummy lunch with her family. My kids loved telling everyone 'Hola' and reciting all their spanish , "Uno, Dos, Tres..." Kids can make friends anywhere. The sharing of candy bonds them. I was a bit lost during most of it but the hymns, but could make out the really obvious subjects like, 'familia'

But it was not the smartest of me (over-ambitious) to take them to two sacrament meetings...mental note next time)

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Maria said...

Thanks for the shout out! It was awesome to see you guys on Sunday. My mom was super impressed by your family (not an easy task by the way). Hopefully we'll see you guys again before the end of the year : )