Sunday, May 6, 2007

Team Mitt

So you know I'm totally voting for Mitt Romney for President. And not just because he is a Mormon. Okay, that is a large part. But they are plenty of Mormons I wouldn't vote for...Harry Reid for example. And not just because I attended the 2002 Winter Olympics--which was awesome by the way! HEALTH CARE.. Most of you know what an issue I have with my health insurance and its probably the #1 reason we can't afford preschool right now, besides the fact that I think its terrible to pay $400 a month (some of you are thinking that is a deal!) But seriously when I was younger I thought that was a retired person in a wheelchair issue, but it sure hits home with me. My weekly shots costs me way too much and I hate the hours on the phone I spend fighting with the people who I am paying a gazillion dollars for my money. But the tiny thought of him being president is so exciting to me. Someone I respect. Someone who has made the world better and has a good family to boot. Someone who is still married to his wife. And I think its totally awesome that he was the Governor of of the most liberal states in the USA. Finally someone who isn't a scuz bucket. Go Team Mitt. I wish I had millions of dollars to help fund you. Watch out for the mud slinging, it is going to be ugly. Did anyone watch the PBS special? That is a whole different post.

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the mccoy's said...

i am with you. i loved watching him debate the crap out of those questions. i loved seeing him on leno, he is great.