Tuesday, May 1, 2007

A Fight I Can Win

So this is what happens when I talked on the phone to my sister Linds and sister-in-law Sara today. All the cusions from off the couch came on the floor, plus all the pillow in my room and the kids. Instead of crying, I decided to get out all my aggression and clobber my kids in a pillow fight. They loved it and it wasn't as violent as it sounds. But I won. Score kids 1 mom 1


Renee said...

Hey my kids do the same thing with the cushions. I should be like you and fight them. About the dentist... I just took him to someone right there near the hospital. If you want I will give you his info. He was okay.

G. Sterling said...

i prefer the hit and run with kids. push em down and then run away into my room and lock the door. it works great with reagon and alex, i never get hit!